Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I indulged on the weekend...

But not with food!  Thank goodness for that!!
I indulged in a shopping spree for new workout gear!  For 4 months I have been working out super hard, eating perfectly and I wanted to treat myself.  I am sooooo glad to say that my initial thought of how to indulge myself was with a trip to the Adidas Factory Outlet (Smith St Fitzroy Vic) for some new trackie dacks to wear to the gym!!
I love how I don't want to reward myself with food anymore.  Food is purely a fuel for my body, that's all.  Eating is not what I do when I am bored, have achieved something, have nothing better to do, feel happy/tired/excited/sad, etc... Eating is what I do to give me energy to function. And I am so glad I have realized it really doesn't take much food per day to fuel my body. Not only am i getting fit and healthy, but I'm saving money by not buying all the useless sugary and oily crap that used to make me "feel good"!  Now if I need to perk up, I exercise, a much better option than eating take away food... how take away food ever made me feel better is beyond me!!!
Thanks Mich for making me realise food is a TERRIBLE reward!  Shopping sprees are MUCH more rewarding. I ended up walking out of Adidas with a pair of workout trackies, 2 pink hoodies and a purple handbag, all half price, and I'm thoroughly enjoying showing them off :)

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