Friday, June 24, 2011

24/6 was a great day - even with a red flag

Summary of my day
  • I trained for 1 hour and 50 minutes before work this morning doing a huge high intensity cardio session in the gym. My heart rate was between 140 and 160 bpm
  • Burnt 900 calories! (i have only burnt that many calories once before)
  • Went to work energised and had a light breakfast (175 cals)
  • Attended the red flag work lunch where i ordered a small lamb pizza (approx 550 cals)
  • Back to work and had no snacks
  • Got home and had a small tuna and carrot salad (130 cals)
  • I'm about to have a snooze :)
  • Off to my sister's place for a late dinner tonight - Michelle's Prawn Pad Thai and i can't wait!!! (346 cals)
So happy with my exercise and food today :)

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