Saturday, June 25, 2011

Compliments Everywhere

There is something in the air because the last fortnight has been full of compliments.
  • The lady that sits 3 metres away from me at work stopped me when I walked past and managed to mumble something like "oh my god, you , you just oh, you look fantastic.  You have done a fantastic job."  I said thanks, smiled, and thought to myself "you have seen me every day as I have lost over 20kg and not mentioned anything… what's so different today??"
  • I had coffee with a friend that hadn't seen me for 5 weeks.  I walked into the coffee shop in jeans, jumper and coat.  She saw me, put a huge smile on her face and started laughing uncontrollably while repeatedly saying "OH MY GOD!!!".  She started touching my face and telling me how beautiful it is.  She touched my legs, stomach, arms and said "I cant believe how great you look.   You walked in here so confidently and you look great."  That was all very unexpected as i had only lost about 8kg since I last saw her.
  • I caught up with friends I hadn't seen for 9 weeks.  As usual they thought I looked great, but I kept turning the attention back to their ADORABLE 11 week old baby girl.  I kept my 3/4 length coat on the whole time I was with them.  When we walked out of the cafe, my friend said "let me have a good look at you!"  So I undid my coat and we all began laughing.  "Your jeans are so baggy!" they said.  I said "yes I am off to Mum's place now so she can take in all my jeans and work pants as they are all too loose and I feel like I am wearing clown pants.  That's why I kept my coat on, I didn’t want anyone to see my baggy pants!"  We had a good laugh and parted.
  • The receptionist at TRAC (gym I attend) said "All the staff are talking about your wonderful transformation".  I smiled, thanked her and thought to myself "What the…???".  It goes to show that people notice even if they don’t tell you they have noticed.  Her comment made me feel awesome and I grinned for the rest of the day.
  • Another staff member at TRAC tells me every day how inspiring and motivating I am!  She asks how long I exercise for and what I eat and we have a great conversation weekly.  It is great to see that she has now begun training in the gym three times per week.
  • My dad noticed my huge weight loss and said to stay the way I am because I look cute.  That was special :)

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