Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week 6 Weigh In

Week 6 weigh in results are ok, i guess.  I have analysed my food and exercise diary but can't work out why I didn't lose my usual 1.5kg.  
On the bright side... I have now lost 25kg!!!  Very happy about that, only 15kg to go! 
My weight loss to date:
This week lost 0.7kg (0.82%)
This Round weight loss 8.3kg (8.94%)
19 weeks weight loss 25.1kg (22.9%)
I exercised like a crazy woman this morning, and loved every minute of it!  "Dirty Dancer' by Enrique and Usher set the pace and kept me motivated (among other songs).  Burnt 700 calories in an 80 minutes gym cardio session, which is really great for me.  Feeling good, feeling good. 
Told my boss that I have lost 25kg and she gave me a huge hug and was so proud.  That was a great feeling. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I indulged on the weekend...

But not with food!  Thank goodness for that!!
I indulged in a shopping spree for new workout gear!  For 4 months I have been working out super hard, eating perfectly and I wanted to treat myself.  I am sooooo glad to say that my initial thought of how to indulge myself was with a trip to the Adidas Factory Outlet (Smith St Fitzroy Vic) for some new trackie dacks to wear to the gym!!
I love how I don't want to reward myself with food anymore.  Food is purely a fuel for my body, that's all.  Eating is not what I do when I am bored, have achieved something, have nothing better to do, feel happy/tired/excited/sad, etc... Eating is what I do to give me energy to function. And I am so glad I have realized it really doesn't take much food per day to fuel my body. Not only am i getting fit and healthy, but I'm saving money by not buying all the useless sugary and oily crap that used to make me "feel good"!  Now if I need to perk up, I exercise, a much better option than eating take away food... how take away food ever made me feel better is beyond me!!!
Thanks Mich for making me realise food is a TERRIBLE reward!  Shopping sprees are MUCH more rewarding. I ended up walking out of Adidas with a pair of workout trackies, 2 pink hoodies and a purple handbag, all half price, and I'm thoroughly enjoying showing them off :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Photo Time! 24kg Gone!

Even though i have lost 24kg this year, I don't physically understand what size I am now.  So my sister suggested we look back at photos from christmas and take some new pics too so we can compare them.  This year my sister has lost 19kg and i have lost 24kg.

Here are the December 2010 pictures of me... Yuk!!!

And here is me and my sister now!

Looking better, feeling heaps better too!  16kgs to go... get it off!!!  Whoop whoop!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Compliments Everywhere

There is something in the air because the last fortnight has been full of compliments.
  • The lady that sits 3 metres away from me at work stopped me when I walked past and managed to mumble something like "oh my god, you , you just oh, you look fantastic.  You have done a fantastic job."  I said thanks, smiled, and thought to myself "you have seen me every day as I have lost over 20kg and not mentioned anything… what's so different today??"
  • I had coffee with a friend that hadn't seen me for 5 weeks.  I walked into the coffee shop in jeans, jumper and coat.  She saw me, put a huge smile on her face and started laughing uncontrollably while repeatedly saying "OH MY GOD!!!".  She started touching my face and telling me how beautiful it is.  She touched my legs, stomach, arms and said "I cant believe how great you look.   You walked in here so confidently and you look great."  That was all very unexpected as i had only lost about 8kg since I last saw her.
  • I caught up with friends I hadn't seen for 9 weeks.  As usual they thought I looked great, but I kept turning the attention back to their ADORABLE 11 week old baby girl.  I kept my 3/4 length coat on the whole time I was with them.  When we walked out of the cafe, my friend said "let me have a good look at you!"  So I undid my coat and we all began laughing.  "Your jeans are so baggy!" they said.  I said "yes I am off to Mum's place now so she can take in all my jeans and work pants as they are all too loose and I feel like I am wearing clown pants.  That's why I kept my coat on, I didn’t want anyone to see my baggy pants!"  We had a good laugh and parted.
  • The receptionist at TRAC (gym I attend) said "All the staff are talking about your wonderful transformation".  I smiled, thanked her and thought to myself "What the…???".  It goes to show that people notice even if they don’t tell you they have noticed.  Her comment made me feel awesome and I grinned for the rest of the day.
  • Another staff member at TRAC tells me every day how inspiring and motivating I am!  She asks how long I exercise for and what I eat and we have a great conversation weekly.  It is great to see that she has now begun training in the gym three times per week.
  • My dad noticed my huge weight loss and said to stay the way I am because I look cute.  That was special :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

How am i making this work?

Honestly, i don't think about what i am doing, I Just Fricken Do It (JFDI).
  • I know i have to eat no more than 1200 calories per day... so i JFDI.
  • I know i have to exercise over 500 calories per day, 6 times per week... so I JFDI.
  • If i am going to eat out on a particular day, i will exercise about 700-900 calories to make up for the extra calories i may eat.
  • I plan my exercise schedule and food serves in advance to make the implementation easier.
  • I exercise in the mornings when life hasn't started so I can't be interrupted.
The best thing i did is stop the little voices in my head that used to make excuses (too tired to exercise, I'll just eat one piece of cake, it's too cold to go to the gym, i cant be bothered... blah blah blah).

My simple advice is - Ditch the excuses and JFDI :)

24/6 was a great day - even with a red flag

Summary of my day
  • I trained for 1 hour and 50 minutes before work this morning doing a huge high intensity cardio session in the gym. My heart rate was between 140 and 160 bpm
  • Burnt 900 calories! (i have only burnt that many calories once before)
  • Went to work energised and had a light breakfast (175 cals)
  • Attended the red flag work lunch where i ordered a small lamb pizza (approx 550 cals)
  • Back to work and had no snacks
  • Got home and had a small tuna and carrot salad (130 cals)
  • I'm about to have a snooze :)
  • Off to my sister's place for a late dinner tonight - Michelle's Prawn Pad Thai and i can't wait!!! (346 cals)
So happy with my exercise and food today :)

Can't Sleep so I'm training in my head

It's 2am on Friday morning and I can't get back to sleep.
It's a red flag day today as I have a work lunch to attend and I don't have access to the restaurant menu :(. So I'm working out my training in my head to help me with today's red flag:

Mid-High Intensity Cardio session
Don't stop til I burn 700 cal
30 min Rower intensity 7, HR 145bpm ave
15 min Bike level 5, 80rpm, HR 150bpm ave
25 min Crossover trainer level 6, 126-136rpm, HR 155-165bpm
10 min Bike level 4, 70rpm cool down

Yep, that will get me to at least 700 cal so I can make smart lunch choices and enjoy eating. Back to sleep now :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

9pm bed time

All this 6am training during the week has my eyes closing well before 9pm!  So annoying but totally worth it in the end :)
Have a good sleep peeps

Week 5 Live Chat

Last night's live feed was about refocusing and staying on track.

I have been so focused and motivated for the last 18 weeks and have had some great results.

My main concern now is... how long can this motivation last?  Sooooo many people are just dropping off the program and i just dont want it to happen to me!

I have been using a food diary EVERY DAY for 18 weeks and all my training sessions are scheduled in my calendar as the priority of the day.  I train 6 times per week and have only missed one training session in 18 weeks.   It's all working perfectly and it's almost too good to be true... so how long can this motivation last?

I thought i would start a blog as a form of motivation for myself.  If i have to post here how i am going on the program, i certainly dont want to post that i put on weight!!!  So this is my way of staying motivated and focused.

Week 5 Weigh In

I'm Splasharama and this is my first blog.  Hope i am doing it right!

I changed my lifestyle 13 weeks before the beginning of 12WBT Round 2 and lost weight on my own by exercising and eating right.  I then joined 12WBT Round 2 to ensure i stayed motivated.
Week 5 weigh in was great!
My weight loss to date:
This week lost 1.5kg (1.7%)
This Round weight loss 7.6kg (8.2%)
18 weeks weight loss 24.4kg (22.26%)