Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Week 4 Weigh In - R1 2013

Week 4 = - 0.6kg
Week 3 =  -0.1kg 
Week 2 =  -1.5kg
Week 1 =  -1.4kg 

Total weight loss = 3.6kg

I'm feeling tired and not managing Chronic Fatigue well this week. On the bright side, I'm only 4kg away from my beautiful Review dresses fitting me again SQUEE!

This weekend is full of 12WBT catch ups. 
  • On Saturday I am going to FitX with a couple of my R1 2012 Lean & Strong training buddies.  
  • On Sunday I am having lunch with six SplashFits. 
  • Oh and next weekend I am spending the whole weekend with seven of my 12WBT Lean & Strong training buddies, including one from Sydney. Two of them are staying with me so it should be a really fun weekend!!! 
What a great fortnight I have ahead of me :)

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