Sunday, March 10, 2013

Splash's Bananarama Pancakes

This recipe is sooooooooooooo easy!  Make it for a snack, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dessert.

As a Snack or Dessert serves 2 - 135 cals each
As a meal serves 1 - 270 cals

1 Medium Banana
1 Egg
100g Extra Light Ricotta
75g Frozen Blueberries


1. Mash a ripe banana in a bowl so it's really mushy.
2. Crack one egg into the banana mixture and mix really well until all combined.
3. Place tablespoons of the mixture into a frying pan sprayed with light cooking oil. The mini pancakes should be about 5-6cm in diameter.
4. Flip pancakes over when the bottom is cooked.
5. Place pancakes on a dish while you cook the remaining mixture.
6. Heat the frozen blueberries in the microwave until warm.
7. Mix the warm blueberry juice with the ricotta.
8. Place all pancakes on a plate and top with ricotta mixture and blueberries.
9. Share this dish with a friend for a snack

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