Saturday, June 16, 2012

SSS 16 June 2012

It's Round 2 Week 2 SSS and boy did Sarah and Erin participate in a SUPER Saturday Session!   
They participated in a total of 4 hours of group exercise classes to launch the new Les Mills releases... 
yes 4 HOURS!!!  They were on a mission to burn calories and WOW they pushed their bodies to the limits.

I joined them for 90 minutes of Pump, Step and RPM.
A quick video update at the 2 hour mark...

How many calories did these two machines burn in 4 hours??  
An outstanding combined total of 4374 calories!

How do you recover from such an exhausting morning of exercise?
They have definitely earnt their Sunday rest day.  
Congratulations ladies. 
I know Mish would be so proud of the two of you.  
I certainly am!

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