Friday, June 22, 2012

Mentoring Week 3 - Red Flags

We had an up and down week this week but overall it was pretty amazing and I'm really happy with what has been achieved.

The Up Side
Both girls participated in 4 amazing hours of training together on Saturday and burnt a combined total of over 4300 calories! Sarah burnt 2153 calories and Erin burnt 2221 calories.  That is more than double the calories I EVER burnt in an intense training session!  I joined them for 90 minutes and they were so determined and focused to make it through all the classes.  They smashed it and sent me pics to show how proud they were of their hard work. Words can't describe how impressed I am!

After a shaky start to the Round due to illness, Sarah lost 1.4kg this week.  It was the great news she needed to keep her mind strong. Sarah had 2 red flags on the weekend that she attacked perfectly.  She attended her friend's house warming and also a wedding. Both events had all sorts of delicious (but not nutritious) foods which were very tempting!  She stuck to her guns and exercised her portion control and will power muscles!

Erin had a red flag dinner that she planned really well for.  I sent her some tools on how to make the healthiest choice.  She downloaded the restaurant menu and found the healthiest meal to suit her new lifestyle and taste buds. She was all set to make a great meal choice at dinner.

The Down Side
Erin discovered the restaurant menu was different to the one she researched!  Oh no!!!  Erin explains here how she addressed this:
"The menu was very short of options. It was very much a pub menu. I chose the fish of the day on the proviso it came grilled. The waiter was adamant pan fried (as menu said) is same thing. It was great to see my fiance so supportive of my food choices. The dish came out & it was a good portion. Wasn't what I consider grilled but wasn't overly oily. Had a nice fennel & orange segment salad. No entrees. No dessert. & just water."

Even though the intense training session on Saturday was out of this world, Erin experienced a tiny weight gain this week.  We've talked it through and she has decided not to slip into old habits of throwing in the towel.  She later texted me and advised she is focusing on one day of clean eating at a time.  What a great mindset!

I love how they are planning ahead, keeping a strong mind, staying focused and not giving in when things don't go to plan.   This lifestyle change is forever and it's highly unlikely to always run perfectly.  The important thing is to get back on track.  Instead of doubting yourself ask yourself:

"Is going back to my old ways actually going to make me feel any better?"

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