Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tuna and Corn Frittatas

Splash's Tuna and Corn Mini Frittatas

Makes 12
65 cals each

1 x 300g can Corn
1 x 90g tin Sirena Tuna (or your favourite tuna)
4 eggs
Cold water
You choice of herbs/spices

Divide 1 can corn into 12 muffin tin
Divide 1 small tin tuna into 12 muffin tin
Sprinkle some herbs/spices into 12 muffin tin
Beat 4 eggs in a measuring jug
Add water to make 500ml of egg/water liquid in total
Pour egg/water evenly between 12 muffin tin

Bake in a 200 degree oven for 15 to 20 mins until puffed up a bit and a little golden brown
Cool then remove from tin
I use silicon tins as they don't stick

Snack - have 2 (130 cals)
Light Meal - have 3 (185 cals) with a garden salad

Suitable to freeze


  1. howdy,

    just giving these babies a go for the first time. they look handy to keep in the fridge over the weekend & to keep the man-vacuum happy.
    thanks for the recipe

    1. Good idea! I use them as a snack too more than a meal with salad.

  2. These are going on my to make list!