Saturday, February 25, 2012

Splash's Pancake Treat

As a meal:
Have 3 pancakes each with toppings
Serves 2
335 cals per serve

As a snack :
Host afternoon tea with friends
Have 1 pancake each with toppings
Serves 6
111 cals per serve

1 egg (80cal)
1/2 cup wholemeal self raising Flour (250cal)
Approximately 3/4 cup no fat milk (65cal)
Oil spray (40cal)
200g Yoplait ForMe Strawbeery Yoghurt (80cals)
8 slices of tinned peaches (80 cals)
1 tablespoon Mayple Syrup (75cal)

1. Whisk egg, milk and flour all together.  Alter amount of milk to get the pancake consistency you like.
2. Spray frying pan with oil spray and place on medium heat.
3. Cook 6 x 10-12cm pancakes
4. Serve 3 in each plate for a meal.
5. Divide the yoghurt, peaches and mayple syrup between the two plates on top of the pancakes.
6. Squee!

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