Thursday, February 2, 2012

R1 2012 PST 3

Ultimate overlying Goal
Manage my illness without going back to my old ways or giving up

1 to 3 month Goals
1. Maintain a size 10 to 12 figure / maintain a weight of 62 to 65 kilos.
2. Not use my illness as an excuse to go back to my old ways.
3. Improve strength or run 7km non-stop again

1a. Not use my illness as an excuse not to exercise.
1b.  Planarama every night and assess in the morning whether i am physically able to train and make an educated decision.
1c.  Control my controllable - Limit food intake to 1400 calories of nutritious food per day, as that is in my control.
2a.  Keep a strong mind.
2b.  Focus on the positives and what i can do rather than what i can't do.
2c.  Stay accountable to others through my blog and Facebook page
3a.  Begin following Lean and Strong program and see if my body is capable of it.
3b.  If not able to follow Leana nd Strong, swap to 10km Training Program.
3c.  Book into a fun run at the end fo the 12 weeks.

6 month Goals
1. 5 minute plank
2. 5 minute wall sit

1a. Implement plank training plan
2a. Implement wall sit training plan

12 month Goals
1. Have 22% body fat (27% as of 1 Feb 2012)
2.  Improve muscle tone in arms so no flabby bits hanging (I achieved this in October 2011 but no training for 4 months has seen my flabby fits return).
3. 50 push ups on toes
4. 10 minute wall sit

1a & 2a. Follow Lean and Strong program
3a. 50 push ups 3 times per week, as many as possible on toes then remainder on knees

4a. Implement wall sit training plan

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