Thursday, January 19, 2012

Round 1 2012 Preseason Week 1

Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Ideal weight 62 to 65kg
Last week's weight 60.9kg
Today's weight 61.7kg
Body fat 26.7%
This week I gained 0.8kg
49 week weight loss 47.9kg (43.70%)

I was spot on with my prediction last week.  I gained some of the weight I lost last week so I'm nearly back up into my ideal weight range.

No training at all this week so I'm doing a terrible job of the 100 Push ups and 200 Sit ups challenge that Mish set on Facebook!  My main goal is to be 100% healthy by Week 1 of Round 1 so I can do the whole 12 weeks of Lean and Strong properly.  Bring it on!

1 Million Kilo Challenge
I started a team in the 1 Million Kilos Challenge so feel free to join that too for the recipes as its free! And it's a great challenge of contributing to Australians losing 1 million kilos.
Team name is Splasharama.
Message me on my Facebook page with your 1 million kilo challenge screen name once you request to be in my team so I know who you are :)

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