Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Going Solo Week 5 Weigh In

Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Ideal weight 62 to 65kg
Today's weight 62.4kg
Body fat 27.0%
This fortnight gained 1.3kg
Going Solo Week 1-5 weight gain 0.8kg
47 week weight loss 47.2kg (43.07%)

Happy New Year!

Five weeks of going solo and wow I have yoyoed!  My aim was to drop under my ideal weight before Christmas (I dropped to 61.1kg on 21 Dec 11) so I could enjoy some treats… SOME TREATS not excessive white chocolate rocky road!!!  I was away at the beach with family for nine days around Christmas and the pantry wasn't that cleanly stocked.  However, I could have chosen not to eat certain things - that part was in my control.  Unfortunatley I chose to take the weak path rather than the sensible path.  I am back to planarama this week ( and it feels really good being back in control with a clean pantry.

The great news is that I am in my personal ideal weight range of 62 to 65kg.  It feels good and it feels normal.

I have managed 6 x 30minutes light training sessions over the last three weeks on days that I woke up feeling ok.  It felt GREAT to train!  Can't wait to get my health back to 100% so I can rip into the Lean and Strong program in Round 1 2012.  I am signed up and ready to go!

Virtual Fashion Parade
It's not too late to join.  Be a Model for a Week.
Next time you prepare to train, take a pic in your favourite gear and upload it to my Facebook page so you can join the catwalk of workout gear.  Here are the details:

Summary Chart


  1. As a spreadsheet addict I have to say I am salivating over your gorgeous chart :)


  2. Haha thanks Yvette!!! That's a very unique comment. I'm a numbers girl and love a nicely colour-coded and organised spread sheet :)