Thursday, December 15, 2011

Round 3 Winners and Finalists

Mish posted the winners on the Round 3 forums. Congratulations everyone!

Hi Team,

Congratulations to all of our finalists and winners who were announced on the weekend. Here is a quick wrap up of who's who and who won what!!

Congratulations to our Round 3 12WBT Top Three Transformations:
WINNER Lisa Ramsay (Lisa R) from Texas QLD, who lost 21.9kg, 23.4% of her body weight in 12 weeks!!! ... Lisa was a very vocal member, super active in the forums and extremely supportive of others. She has two small kids, 4 and 1 year old and was determined not to use them as an excuse for not exercising. Coming from a small community, where everyone has noticed. Locals are saying she is her old, smiley, bubbly self again!!

2nd place Brooke Hitching (Chook83)
3rd place Romy Hurwitz (rlh)

Congratulations to our Round 3 Winners:
Lean and Strong winner Clint Barker (ClintB)!! ... Clint was a self-confessed junk food addict and now is inspiring everyone around them to make changes for the better, including his family

Lean and Strong 2nd Place: Ailsa Zadow (Midge)
Lean and Strong 3rd place Nicole Coogan (Fit Knickers)

Blogger Katharine Jones (Shrinkingkath) ... Kath has been with us since Round 3, 2010. She could barely run down the street when she started 12WBT but is now a regular gym junkie with a 12 month goal to complete the Gold Coast Half Marathon

Quiet Achiever Bec Ardrey (Becka)

Inspirational Role Model Mary Crea (splasharama) ... Mary has lost a total of 48kgs since the beginning of the year.
She is a constant encouragement to other 12WBT members in the forums, on facebook and with her written and video blogs. She is a fantastic ambassador for 12WBT.

Congratulations to our Huggies Winners:
Blogger Cath Perkins (cathperko) Been with 12WBT since Round 3, 2010. Joined the Huggies program to help inspire other Mums. She was very active on the forums and did over 20 thoughtful, moving and motivating blog posts and countless tweets to keep members going.

Quiet Achiever Kerwyn Jonker (5 rat bags)
Inspirational Role Model Lani Gration (Sandpaperthighs)

Congratulations to our finalists:
Meg Garrido (Runmummyrun)
Jade Sharp (Jaded)
Mandy Berryman (MandyBerry)
Tom McCormack (Tank)
Tricia Tassell (Tricia)
Kara McClure (mama plus four)
Melissa Ireson (womaninashoe)
Noala Gotsis (Tink)
Deanne Green (Dee76)
Kelly Munce (kellymunce)
Leanne Molloy (I Will Rock This)
Kellie O'Leary (kelliecandothis)

Mish Xo

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