Friday, November 4, 2011

Injured, No Training & Maintaining

I am at my goal weight of 65 kilos now.  My goal is to keep my weight between 64kg and 66kg from now on.  In terms of clothes, I am a size 10 to 12.

I have a few injuries at the moment.  I injured my hip sitting on the floor at home (silly silly).  I then injured my shoulder from over training when i couldn't do any lower body training.  Medical specialists had advised that I should not train at all for a fortnight, then I can do some light cardio.  I have been training HARD CORE for 8 months and was at my peak the week before I injured my hip at home.  Going from training to fatigue, to no training at all is a big shock to my mind and body.  But, there is no use fighting it, I am leaving it to the professionals and following there advice.  I need to be strong enough to participate in Michelle's 12WBT finale workout on 10 December 2011 and get the most out of it!  I don't want to have to say "I'm not allowed to do that due to my injuries".

So it is Day 15 of no training.  I have been eating 1200 to 1400 calories per day and have managed to stay the same weight.  I'm happy with this but I know my fitness has decreased a lot.  One month ago I was a fitness machine.  Nothing could stop me.  I stopped training when I was done, not when I was "pretend tired".  Now, it's a struggle to get through the day without my hip or shoulder hurting me.  Wow what a difference!

So today I thought to myself "put your workout gear on and just try to go for a walk".  So I did.  Just putting my gear on lifted my spirits immensely.  I only managed a 15 min walk at a  low intensity as the hills hurt my hip.  I got home and did 200 various ab crunches.  98 calories later (I know that isn't much) and I feel better than if I had sat on the couch for 15 mins.

So tomorrow I will drive to an oval so I can walk on the flat grass and hopefully that won't hurt my hip.  Hope to last longer than 15 minutes and I know I will feel better than if I don’t go for a walk.  This "light cardio training" is a lot different to what I was doing a month ago but it's all I can manage for now.  I'll let my body heal then work my way back to the fitness I had a month ago.

I leave you with this during times of injuries.  Don't Give Up.  Keep a Positive Attitude.  Sulking and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere.  Do what you can manage until your body heels.  Stick to eating 1200 calories and avoid eating more than that.  1200 calories of healthy nutritious food each day is great for your body, will keep you living a great lifestyle, and get you to your goals.

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