Saturday, October 29, 2011

Westfield Model for a night 28/10/11 - yes me!

I won a Facebook competition to be a model in a Westfiled Styling Session at Westfield Plenty Valley on Friday 28 October 2011.

I arrived at Westfield at 4.30pm and was escorted by Westfield Management to Hairhouse Warehouse to get my hair done.  Here are pics of my hair styling session.

Hair is all done and I am LOVING my new look already!  I have never had my hair curled but I am totally into it.  Westfield Management then escorted me to Beauty On Earth to get my make up done.  I normally don't wear make up often so i was a little worried about how this would go...

Wow I have never worn so much make up!  It's a bit on the heavy side but I am loving my eyes and lipstick.  I am escorted back to Centre Management and given my outfit for the night "Outfit 7".  The outfit originally came with flat shoes but they were upgrades to platform wedges as my dress was too long for me!  Here are pics at Centre Management before the show.

A maxi dress is not something that I would usually wear, but hey, I think it looked good.  Time to make our way to the backstage area.  It was so embarrassing walking through the shopping centre all dressed up but it was also VERY exciting.  Alyce Cowell hosted the styling session and showed the audience how to change five daytime looks into night time looks by only changing one or two items.  Then it was my turn to shine.  Alyce called me up, talked everyone through my outfit and why this look works.  This is how it went.

So there you have it.  I was a Westfield Model for a night.  It was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.  I felt gorgeous and confident.  I wasn't shy at all.  I just wanted to scream with excitement!  I have had a pretty tough week coming to terms with injuries that have made me stop training altogether for a few weeks.  This night was exactly what I needed to pick me back up and make me feel fantastic.

A huge thanks to Westfield Plenty Valley staff, the stylist on the night and Alyce.  Alyce is just amazing.  She is such a lovely person and a wonderful host :)  She made me feel very welcome and special.

Week 7 Weekly Surprise Entry - design a recipe

Name of recipe - Splash's Mum's Breakfast

Meal - Breakfast

Introductory sentence - This is a quick and yummy breakfast that my Mum makes when I visit on the weekends.

Serves - 1
Calories per serve - 231 maximum (less if you use smaller egg and bread)

Ingredients -
1 large egg poached (100cal)
1 multigrain bread toasted (100cal)
1 small thin slice Coles Turkey Breast 97% fat free (10cals)
8 baby spinach leaves (5cal)
1 teaspoon (10g) cranberry sauce (16cal)

Process -
Layer the toast, cranberry sauce, turkey, spinach and egg and enjoy


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mini Comp Team Video Message from Splash Week 7
We have a special guest on the video tonight!!!

Round 3 Week 7 Weigh In

My Stats
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 65.3kg
BMI 27.18
This week lost 0.2kg (0.31%)
Round 3 weight loss 5.8kg (8.16%)
35 week weight loss 44.3kg (40.41%)

My Summary
All is good in terms of weight and size - I am staying the same which is great.  It's my body that is failing me.  First a left hip injury three weeks ago from sitting on the floor (stupid stupid).  Then a right shoulder injury a week ago from over training.  Now my body just generally doesn't feel quite right.  I have done no training at all for the last week (and probably for few weeks to come).  I'm doing what the doc and physios tell me - rest!  But hey, I'm not a victim, I'm a warrior, so watch out because I will be back!  There are people MUCH worse off than me out there so I keep smiling.

My Squees
- I bought a skirt and work pants from Esprit - both size 10. That deserves a Squee!
- I have stopped fighting and accepted the nickname I have been given by many this week - Skinny Mini
- I won a Westfield Shopping Centre makeover and styling session. It will take place this Friday night 28/10.
- I have a special guest on my mini comp video tonight and can't wait to record it!
- I cleared 7 garbage bags of fat clothes from my wardrobe.  Boy did that feel great.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huge Goal - Baby Steps

Huge Goal - Baby Steps

My huge goal
I will lose 40kg in 2011.  That is the huge goal I set myself in February 2011.  I wrote it down along with my start weight of 109.6kg and goal weight of 69kg. Then I put that goal aside and didn't think about it.

Why 40kg?  
Because I have weighed 69kg twice before for very short periods (as a teenager and then in my early 20ies) and knew it was achievable.

Why set the goal and forget about it?
Because a huge goal like that may seem unachievable at times. I didn't want to get overwhelmed by it and give up in the early days.

Baby steps and mini goals
Over the last 8 months I have set myself mini-goals to keep me focused and achieving.  Achieving these goals made me feel fantastic and wanting more. I loved the results and that kept me focused and determined to never give up.  These are a snapshot of my mini-goals.  Set mini-goals that are realistic and meaningful to you.
- 5 mins more cardio tomorrow
- 10 mins more cardio tomorrow
- heart rate at 160bpm average for 30mins non-stop cardio for the next 3 training sessions
- no rice cakes for one week (I got a bit addicted at one stage!!!)
- fit into size 16 Jay Jays jeans
- fit into size 14 Jay Jays jeans
- fit into size 12 Jay Jays jeans
- lose 1.5kg this week (and plan how to make it happen)
- train minimum 750cals per session for the next 5 days
- fit into my 21st dress for a formal event in June 2011 (I did it and I felt like a princess that night even though I just blended in with the crowd)
- start the Learn To Run Program
- run the whole 1km fitness test non stop for the first time
- run 2km non stop
- run until my legs can't run anymore (3.6km)
- Fun Run training - run 7km non-stop twice per week
- register for and complete a fun run
- improve on fitness tests by a certain percentage
- fit into size 12 Esprit clothes
- fit into size 10 Esprit clothes
- don't add salt to food for a fortnight to break the habit
- don't add sugar to tea anymore
- don't eat after 6.30pm
- replace an old habit with a new habit each week.
- when I think of eating bad food on the weekend, go to the gym instead.
- rest hip and do only upper body training for a fortnight
- add 2 Pump classes to my training schedule
- change one gym cardio session to one Step class
- do back to back Step & Pump every second Sunday and take a day off during the week instead.

With achievements come rewards - it's only fair.  I would reward myself with these types of things:
- new work out gear
- new clothes
- new sports socks
- create a new low fat low cal recipe
- create a new snack
- design and complete a new training session
- new hair style
- order a 12WBT Zazzle tshirt
- socialise with friends to show them my new clothes
- go to the movies
- buy a bikini for the first time
- create a bucket list and do it
- renew fitness instructor and water aerobics instructor qualification
- get boat license and personal watercraft license
- get new drivers license photo taken at goal weight
- take an honest friend window shopping and get advice on what styles suit you.
- book into a free Westfield Styling Session to get advice on the upcoming seasons fashion.
- Hire a fashion consultant (approx $500-$1500)

What works for you.
All of the above worked and continues to work for me.  The rewards can get expensive so choose things that suit your individual situation.  Everybody is different so set goals that are challenging yet achieveable for you.  You don't want the "this is too hard so I'm giving up" excuse to make an appearance so my advice is to keep it simple and achievable so you don't get overwhelmed.

Good luck everyone!

If you like, post a message on my Facebook page to let me know if this blog has helped you.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Time - Round 3 Week 6 23/10/11

Although I changed my lifestyle in February 2011 weighing 109.6kg, this is my transformation from when I began 12WBT Round 2 at 94kg in May, to half way Round 3 at 65kg in October 2011.

Yep that is the first ever bikini top i bought last month.  I have worn it once so far when jet skiing last weekend.

Yep I'm curvy and I have a butt, I was born this way.

Mish gave me muscles.

Wearing my first ever wetsuit on 15 October 2011.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Comp Team Video Message from Splash Week 6

Video Message

Transformation Board Thread

Round 3 Week 6 Weigh In

Week 6 Weigh In
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 65.5kg
BMI 27.26
This week lost  1.0kg (1.50%)
Round 3 weight loss 5.6kg (7.88%)
34 week weight loss 44.1kg (40.23%)

  • So the weight loss looks great but I'm trying to stay the same weight now
  • I have lost 40% of my starting weight now and I'm very happy here (SQUEEEE!)
  • I have been eating pretty clean (apart from some Tiny Teddy biscuits on the weekend that I could have done without)
  • My body is a bit broken at the moment so that is limiting my training capabilities
  • I have a left hip joint derangement which means no cardio or lower body work for another 6 weeks (I am seeing a hip specialist physio for this)
  • I have been doing only upper body strength training for the last fortnight due to my hip
  • It seems I have over trained my right arm as I now have injured my right shoulder rotator cuff therefore I can't train my right arm or lift it abve my should for about 3 weeks
  • All is not lost!  My gym instructor gave me a list of suitable exercises so i will do them until my right shoulder heals.  However i will be training less as i don't want to injure my only good arm!
  • Oh and I am allowed to gently ride a stationary bike again so that is also a positive too
  • It's not easy when your body can't do what your mind wants it to.  But I am accepting it and moving on as I don't want to make my injuries worse.

Wishing you all a great second half of Round 3!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

How I lost 43 kilos in 2011 - slideshow style

Here's a little slide show I put together of pics showing my 43 kilo weight loss this year.  You can do this!

Update 17/10/11 - Here's a message I posted to my Mini Comp Team today with the slideshow above...
Hi Mini Comp Team,

It's Week 6 - half way! Yay! As some of you haven't been emailing your weights the last couple of weeks, I thought maybe a pick-me-up is needed. So last night I put together a little slide show of how i lost 43kg this year. I am just a normal person and I did it, so you can do it too smile

I have posted this on other forums too as generally some people are feeling disheartened about their journey so far. I didn't make the slide show to brag, I made it to show that a normal person can make a change and achieve her goals. If I can do it, so can you.

I really really hope you make the most of this program as the results can be amazing if you stop thinking and just do what Mish says. I have been really struggling to get out of bed to train the last 2 weeks knowing that i can't do any cardio at the gym (I'm a cardio freak!). But you know what? Lean and Strong is doing great things to my body and I know that not getting out of bed is NOT an option, so I JFDI. My daily priorities now are:
1. Train
2. Eat right
3. Go to work
So basically if I don't get up to train in the morning, then I don't go to work. THAT is how IMPORTANT training is to me.

I really hope you all stay committed and get to where you want to go smile And if you slip up, put it behind you, forget about it and just keep going smile


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mini Comp Team Video Messages from Splash Weeks 3, 4 & 5

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 5 Mini Comp Forum Thread

Round 3 Week 5 Weigh In

Week 5 Weigh In
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 66.5kg
BMI 27.68
This week lost  0.0kg (0%)
Round 3 weight loss 4.6kg (6.47%)
33 week weight loss 43.1kg (39.32%)
Good morning everyone!!!!  How are you feeling today?  Today I am focusing on what I feel.  
  • I feel I can accept that I weigh the same as last week (my life isn't about weight loss anymore and although that is hard to get my mind around it is also very invigorating).
  • I feel strong and can see my muscle definition improving (and so sore from yesterday's training session - it was a challenging one for me but I got through it).
  • I feel my skirt is looser today than last week (Yay).
  • I feel that although my pulled nerve in my leg is not healing as quick as I would like, it is not the end of the world. 
  • I feel that I am slowly getting control of food without having to count every calorie of every meal (as I have been doing since February 2011).  I was in Sydney over the weekend and didn't count calories at all.  I just made clean choices and focused on portion size.  It worked (no weight gain) and it makes me feel empowered.
  • Hope everyone is feeling great and is happy with their choices this week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Over Training Under Eating = Not Ideal

Nobody is perfect.  You learn from your experiences.  I am going to share a story about me in the two weeks after the Round 2 final weigh in.  A few people are currently in a similar situation to mine so I feel it is rather timely to blog about this.  Please remember that everyone's body is different so your situation my be different.

Under Eating
Two weeks after the Round 2 Week 12 weigh in I was on an absolute high.  I had hit my aim of losing 20% of my body weight in 12 weeks and I felt like I could achieve anything.

I loved the feeling of achieving results and I wanted more.  During the two weeks following the Week 12 weigh in I was still training 90 mins per day (6 days per week)and burning 750-900cals on average. I decided to eat less than 1200cals. I was a machine on a mission, obsessed with low cals and more exercise. And you know what??? I lost zero kilos for those two weeks!!  ZERO!!  I thought to myself "How on earth can i not have lost weight this fortnight??"  I was absolutely shocked so I had a discussion with my sister.  She had read in the 12WBT Round 1 forums that under eating can sometimes put your body into a type of starvation mode so it doesn't respond the way you think it will to less food.  Anyway it turns out my body did not like less food.  I felt pretty tired during that fortnight too.  I went back to training 600cals per day and eating 1200cals per day and guess what?? The weight started dropping off again and I just generally felt better.

Over Training
I'm following the Lean & Strong program this Round but I am contradicting that by training for a 7km fun run.  Therefore I have lost 4.6kg in 4 weeks.  I am meant to be maintaining my weight but the running that I am doing is burning up more energy than i should be.  I pulled a nerve in my left leg last week and it is almost a blessing in disguise.  I can't do any lower body training or running for 1-2 weeks.  So I have been sticking to the upper body Lean & Strong sessions for almost a week so far.  I will wait for Wednesday's weigh in to see the results but I can tell that the weight hasn't fallen off this week like every other week and I am wrapped!  I will continue with upper body Lean & Strong until my leg recovers and then follow the whole Lean and Strong program properly.

Some people have been telling me that they are over exercising and that is causing them to eat more.  And they are slowly gaining weight and getting really down about it.  If you use more energy, your body will want you to consume more energy so it can keep up with all the additional training.  If you eat more you are less likely to feel tired all the time like I did for the two weeks above.  It's science, it just makes sense.

What's Your Point Splash?
The point of this post is that you need to listen to your body.  I felt really tired for those two weeks I mentioned above so that should have been a light bulb moment where I figured out what I was doing wasn't right.  But I just kept doing it thinking I would feel better soon.

Mish's program works. I can't stress that enough.  Whether you are following Lean & Fit or Lean & Strong, it works.  I stuck to Lean & Fit in Round 2.  Even when i had the flu and didn't exercise for a fortnight, I ate clean and the right amount.    In terms of weight loss, Lean & Fit worked perfectly for my body.  And I am led to believe that Lean & Strong will get me toned and looking hot.  I'm looking forward to monitoring my body shape and weight over the remainder of Round 3 as I know I can weigh about the same but still improve my fitness and strength which, in the end, creates the best version of me ever :)

Refocus and JFDI
In summary, if you are in a similar situation:
  1. Go back and do your preseason tasks again.  Get your mind in the right place.
  1. Choose a program to follow and stick to it like glue (L&F or L&S).
  1. Choose goals that match the program you are following (eg:  doing Lean & Strong and training for a fun run may not be the best combination). 
  1. Plan out your training and nutrition, don't think about and just fricken do it.
  1. Create the best version of you ever... forever :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking on the bright side

I like my blog to be positive, but I also like to keep it real.

I pulled a nerve in the top of my leg on Tuesday. It is constantly a bit painful and it is causing various numb spots in my leg and foot. My doc last night said it means no running for 1-2 weeks to let it fully heal. But my doc was also very positive and said "Don't stop training as you are doing such a great thing. I don't want you to change your routine. Stick to upper body work until your leg heals".  
So even though I may have to skip the fun run I have been training for on 23 October, with 2 weeks of upper body strength training ahead of me I'm going to have a great set of guns and awesome abs!

Life happens, no point stressing, just deal with it :)

Update - my hip/leg took about 2 months to heal

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Habits of Newbies

A team of ladies at work are doing 12WBT Round 3 for the first time.  We have fortnightly meetings at work and share experiences, ask questions and basically provide support to each other.  

After watching Mish's vid on Sunday 2 October about replacing old habits with new habits, they shared their old/new habits with me.  And they are kind enough to allow me to share them with all of you too! 

Here is a snap shot of 3 Newbies, that in just 4 short weeks have replaced some old habits with great new habits.  I am so proud of them for their commitment to changing their lives.  And I'm so glad they are sharing  their new habits with all of you.  Thanks NuttyNat, Jo B & Tracey3076 and i know you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

  • ·         I replaced my afternoon low-blood sugar chocolate fix with bringing 2 healthy snacks to work every day and drinking more water
  • ·         I replaced bringing leftover pasta/risotto for lunch with waking up earlier to make my 12WBT lunches
  • ·         I replaced vegging out watching TV at night with going to the gym after dinner and watching TV while on the cross-trainer (or doing a class and not caring that I miss some stupid show!)
  • ·         I replaced eating cereal at night after a workout with eating a piece of fruit or 12WBT dessert like the apple tart (only if I haven’t snacked much that day)
  • ·         I replaced eating fast food to keep me going on my busy weekends with planning my meals and making sure I always have a snack with me
  • ·         I replaced my fruit drink (called juice but I doubt it had any real fruit in it!) with water for breakfast
  • ·         I replaced my sugary cereal with natural muesli, or whatever breakies are on the menu for that day
  • ·         I replaced buying chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars and mixed lollies each week with heaps more fresh fruit

Jo B
  • ·         I have replaced driving to the gym on my days off work with walking to the gym.
  • ·         I have replaced a white tea with sugar with a peppermint tea no sugar.
  • ·         I have replaced looking in the pantry with pouring a glass of water.

  • ·         I have replaced purchasing packaged foods from the supermarket with buying fresh foods from the Fruit & Vegie markets
  • ·         I have replaced staying in bed when the alarm goes off with getting up and working out
  • ·         I have replaced driving to work with walking to walk
  • ·         I have replaced complaining about my weight to doing something about it
  • ·         I have replaced my 20 year old scales with new electronic scales
  • ·         I have replaced snacking on chocolate in the evening with eating some fruit

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The old habits I replaced

On Sunday’s video Mish spoke about replacing an old habit with a new habit.  These are some of the things I replaced in Round 2 to help me.  I still do them today as they are a part of my lifestyle now.

  • I replaced focusing on my work as my number 1 priority of the day with focusing on me as my number 1 priority of the day (and I am now much more productive at work so it was a great decision)
  • I replaced thinking about doing things with actually doing things
  • I replaced going out for coffee with friends and ordering cheesecake with going out for coffee and enjoying the social aspect
  • I replaced buying a 400cal cookie/muesli slice from the vending machine at 3pm each day with eating a 85cal muesli bar
  • I replaced eating when I was "pretend hungry" (all the time) with eating when I was "actually hungry"
  • I replaced stopping training when my mind was "pretend tired" with doing a 5min cool down when my body was "actually tired"
  • I replaced buying my lunch with preparing my lunch at home
  • I replaced cooking junk on the weekend when I was bored with going to the gym
  • I replaced high sugar cereal with Special K and Wheat Bix
  • I replaced cooking junk on the weekend with cooking healthy meals to put in the freezer for quick meals during the week
  • I replaced buying large full cream lattes with a long black and a dash of milk (I still have sugar and count the cals)
  • I replaced sleeping in with early morning training
  • I replaced getting worried and anxious about my work and other things in my life with JFDI
  • I replaced using food as a reward with clothes shopping as a reward (new gym gear mainly in Round 2.  Now I just buy everything that I love J)

Round 3 Week 4 Weigh In

Week 4 Weigh In
Heaviest weight 109.6kg
Today's weight 66.5kg
BMI 27.68
This week lost  1.0kg (1.48%)
Round 3 weight loss 4.6kg (6.47%)
32 week weight loss 43.1kg (39.32%)

All is good :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Splash's Strawberry Sandwich

Week 3 Weekly Suprise Entry

Snack name - Splash's Strawberry Sandwich
Calories - 114 per serve (half sandwich)
Number of serves - 2

Ingredients  -
50g low fat cottage cheese (45cal)
1/4 tablespoon honey (18cal)
2 slices whole-wheat sandwich bread (150cal)
2 medium strawberries, sliced (15cal)

Method -
Mix cottage cheese and honey in a small food processor until smooth
Spread mixture on bread
Place sliced strawberries on one piece of bread
Top with other piece of bread
Cut in half
Eat half sandwich as a snack and share the other half with a friend

Round 3 Week 3 Summary

  • I officially have my Certificate 3 in Fitness qualification.  I am now a Gym Fitness Instructor and Aqua Aerobics Instructor.  I can tick that off my bucket list. Yay!

  • I bought a wet suit on Friday due to my family's new jet skiing hobby.  It's a size 10 from Osmosis… A SIZE 10!!!  There were no size 12 so my sister suggested a 10.  I thought," this is going to be a joke, it won't fit".  It took me about 7 minutes to squeeze into it with great difficulty, only to be told by the shop assistant that it seems to fit well but I may "need a smaller size".  I said there is NO WAY I can get into a smaller size so I took the 10.
  • The Adidas Factory Outlet had a 40% off sale on Friday so I stocked up on leggings for $21 each… bargain.  Yes I am happily addicted to Adidas :)
  • I spent about 4 hours shopping at Chaddy on Sunday (the Fashion Capital in Melbourne)and bought skirts, tops and leggings all on sale.  I even had one of those teary moments where I tried on a size 12 dress in Cue and could not believe how small my waist looked.  My cousin told me to stop thinking that I'm fat and accept that I am a skinny bitch now.  It sounds simple but it just doesn't come naturally yet. (Thanks to my cousin for being my fashion stylist for the day).
  • I shopped some more on my own on Saturday and Monday and picked up more bargains from stores I have never been able to shop at.
  • I ran 7km without stopping twice this week (Tuesday and Friday)
  • I can see a slight 2-pack forming on my stomach (it's meant to be a 6-pack) as the squishy bits are slowly disappearing.  I am definitely going to pay more attention to ab exercises now as I want to see more.
  • I registered for my first ever fun run for late October.  I'm really looking forward to it as it is my first major non-weight related goal.
  • The 12WBT ladies at work and I had our first fortnightly meeting this week.  It is great to have a little support crew at work (other than my boss Kerry) that are experiencing what I have experienced.  We are all learning from each other and it is a really enthusiastic group.  Love my girls :)

  • I am loving getting to know the Mini Comp Team as each week unfolds.