Sunday, September 11, 2011

Owning It

Am I human?  Yes
Did I make bad choices this weekend?  Yes
Did I understand the consequences of those choices when I made them?  Yes
Was I pissed off for making those choices?  Yes
Have I refocused and got my strong mindset back?  YES!!!
Am I going to wear out the treadmill at the gym this week because Running Makes Me HOT???   YES


  1. Awesome video Splash. That to me is what balance and, yep, owning it is all about.

    So many things to get used to. I've been 30 odd kilos smaller and then scared myself into putting it back on again (thankfully this time it was only 8 of the 20kg I lost ) because I couldn't work out how to get that balance.

    Here's to a fabulous Round 3!


  2. Thanks Vikki. The slip up on the weekend was a real wake up call for me. I have to be switched on all the time, as making good choices doesn't come naturally yet... the weekend proved that lol!!!

    Smash off those kilos in Round 3 forever :)