Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sneak Peak at my Food & Exercise Diary

Sample A
6.15am - 1.5hr high intensity gym cardio session (700cal)

8.45am - Sandwich with lettuce, mushroom & lite tzaziki (200cal)

10.45am - muesli bar and coffee (130cal)

12.30pm - home made Mongolian Lamb (250cal)

2.30pm - ForMe Yoghurt (70cal)

4pm - coffee (40cal)

6.30pm - fish and veggies with a cheese sauce (330cal)

8pm - hot chocolate (45cal)

Cals In 1065
Cals Out 700
Cals Net 365

Sample B
6am - Pump class (280cal) & 30min medium intensity gym cardio session (250cal)

8.30am - special K cereal with ForMe Yoghurt & Apple (260cal)

10.15am - museli bar and coffee (130cal)

12pm - weight Watchers Frozen Meal (300cal)

2.30pm - 3 rice cakes with lite hommus dip (100cal)

4.30pm - museli bar & Coffee (130cal)

7pm - home made Prawn & Vegie Curry (270cal)

7.30pm - Tea (20cal)

Cals In 1110
Cals Out 530
Cals Net 580

Sample C

9am - Pump Class (280) & 45min high intensity gym cardio session (380cal)

11.45am - Cafe breakfast with friends including 2 toasts, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach & tea (450cal)

2.30pm - tuna on cruskits (160cal)

4.30pm - ForMe yoghurt (70cal)

7pm - dinner with friends including grilled chicken salad no dressing (I'll eat about 400cal worth of it)

8.30pm - Skinny Latte (100cal)

Cals In 1180
Cals Out 660
Cals Net 520

Yes, I eat all day! But I count my calories very closely and don't exceed 1200.

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