Saturday, July 30, 2011

Renewing my Fitness Instructor Qualification

I was a qualified Gym Instructor & Water Aerobics Instructor for 12 years. I let my qualification lapse just over a year ago as I did not need them anymore.

Now that I have been leading a healthy and active lifestyle for almost six months, I've decided to renew my qualification.  I often get asked for fitness advice and, although I am knowledgable in this field, I'm not confident giving advice without a formal qualification.  Even though I let my qualifications lapse, I have continued to attend fitness industry seminars and conferences such as Filex in order to keep up with the latest industry information and trends.
I will have my Certificate 3 qualification renewed by the start of 12WBT Round 3 2011.

I will hopefully be following the Lean and Strong program for most of 12WBT Round 3 2011.  I'll decide during Round 3.

Thanks Mich and the 12WBT for reminding me that my passion lies in health and fitness.

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