Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paying It Forward

I've been hearing it for five months now from soooooo many people:
- "You're so inspirational"
- "You are so motivating"
- "You have motivated me to get fit and healthy"
- "You have motivated me to lose weight"
- "I want to be just like you"
- "I want to join a gym now too"
The sad things is... they have just been words with no action... UNTIL NOW!

I think I have officailly just Paid It Forward! And you know what...?  IT FEELS EVEN BETTER THAN I EVER EXPECTED IT TOO!!!

I have always know that I can't change the way a person thinks, they need to do that themselves.  But if they show an interest in something, their mind is at least open to other options.  Someone I know has shown an interest in my journey lately.  I share my blog with them and answer their questions about my transformation.  I have been completely honest and not sugar coated anything, as that wouldn't be fair to them.

Anyway, they have realised that you dont go on a diet to lose weight.  Instead, you need to change your lifestyle forever.  They made this awesome decision themselves last week and are putting it into practice already - how cool is that?!?!?  I am oh so proud of them!  It's not going to be easy but they know they have my support 100%.

Although I appreciate it, hearing how "motivating and inspirational" I am doesn't mean much when no-one actually does anything to change their lives for the better.  But knowing I have Paid It Forward for one person... now THAT is totally AWESOME and REWARDING!!!  

Looking forward to sharing the ups and downs of the rewarding journey with you :)

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