Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun-sized Splash's Bucket-list

I have never had a bucket list.  I was afraid to start one as I thought there would be more I can't put on it than can.  I didn't want that depressing feeling so I avoided it.  
The penny has just dropped that I can physically do anything I set my mind to.  How cool is that?!?!  I have NEVER been able to say that and it be true. I'm "fun-sized" now and there really is nothing holding me back anymore.  
Many 12WBTers set running goals and their achievements of running zero to 10/21/42km in 12 weeks is amazing!  Running/jogging/walking isn't my thing though.  It doesn't excite me and treadmills are my least favorite gym equipment.  I've come up with a bucket list that will physically and mentally challenge me, Splash, and/or provide me with heaps of fun!

- 12WBT Ambassador
I will find out the criteria for this and see if I'm elligible. This will be a great way to pay it forward and help others that need it. I find that really rewarding.

- Indoor Rock Climbing
Used to always be the belayer as I wasn't strong enough to climb.

- Dance Classes
I danced from age 4 to 12 then briefly for 6 months in 2006.  I'm now fit enough to dance again and will look good in end of your concert costumes.  I'd like to try hip hop or modern dance.  I will be strong enough for pole dancing soon too.

- Certificate 4 Personal Training Qualification
I find paying it forward so rewarding. I think PTing will soon become my new hobby.

- Water Sport
I was a swimmer from age 2.5 to 17 years.  I then began working in the Aquatics and recreation industry, and still do.  I don't look horrible in bathers anymore so I'd like to find a challenging and fun water sport as a hobby.  Kayaking? Water Skiing? Open-water Swimming?

- Another Gold Coast Theme Park Holiday
I want to repeat our Christmas 2010 Gold Coast family holiday 40kgs lighter so that nothing can stop me from having fun.

- Hire a Fashion Consultant
Now that I no longer look like a tent, I will hire a fashion consultant when I reach goal weight as I have no idea what styles, colors and cuts suit me.

- Fancy Dress Costume
I've never hired one as I was afraid they wouldn't fit.  I need to organize a fancy dress party and hire a stunning costume.

This list is a work in progress. I'll come back and edit it as necessary.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Light Reading While Wall Sitting

Our last fitness test is in a couple of weeks.  Ski Chic (my sister) and I decided to do some wall sitting training over some light reading...  A feature article on Michelle Bridges in this month's Women's Weekly kept our minds off the pain.

Renewing my Fitness Instructor Qualification

I was a qualified Gym Instructor & Water Aerobics Instructor for 12 years. I let my qualification lapse just over a year ago as I did not need them anymore.

Now that I have been leading a healthy and active lifestyle for almost six months, I've decided to renew my qualification.  I often get asked for fitness advice and, although I am knowledgable in this field, I'm not confident giving advice without a formal qualification.  Even though I let my qualifications lapse, I have continued to attend fitness industry seminars and conferences such as Filex in order to keep up with the latest industry information and trends.
I will have my Certificate 3 qualification renewed by the start of 12WBT Round 3 2011.

I will hopefully be following the Lean and Strong program for most of 12WBT Round 3 2011.  I'll decide during Round 3.

Thanks Mich and the 12WBT for reminding me that my passion lies in health and fitness.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

How is the 12WBT helping make the impossible possible?

There is a competition this week where we can make a video blog of "How is the 12WBT helping you to make the impossible possible?"

I have never done a video blog before but it was kinda fun and kinda embarressing!  

I'll let you know how I go!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 34th Birthday Photo


Above is my 7 month transformation.  Below is me on my 34th birthday... best version of me ever!

Week 10 Weigh In

My stats:
This week lost 1.6kg (2.01%)
This Round weight loss 14.9kg (16.06kg)
23 week weight loss 31.7kg (28.92%)

My brags for this week:
-  I weigh 77.9kg... that's less than my average weight through high school.
-  I fit into normal clothes now.  It makes shopping a super exciting experience rather than a depressing one.  
Found a cool little quote that will get me through those situations where I am uncomfortably surrounded by food  "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

A quick story for you:  
I remember shopping with Mum as a young teenager and Miss Shop clothes were a bit small.  I would be disappointed but thinking back at it, it would have been killing my Mum on the inside not being able to buy me those things.  Sorry Mum for putting you through that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 10 & still unable to train

So i haven't trained for 10 days because of this stupid flu.  I had the whole week off work last week to rest and have worked 1 1/2 days this week.  Went to the doctor again tonight and she has given me the rest of the week off to rest and recover.
I've been strict with my food so I have still lost weight this week.  Fingers crossed that the scales still reflect this tomorrow!
So, no training until at least the weekend.  Not a perfect outcome but I gotta get well first.  Bummer...

Monday, July 25, 2011

I'm the best version of me ever

It's Monday 25 July 2011 and I'm lying in bed reflecting on who I am.

It's my birthday and I'm now 34 years old.  Happy Birthday Me!  I have so many things to be happy about:
- I have the fittest body since I was 14 and a swimmer.  I can do 2 hours non-stop aerobic activity at a heart rate of 155bpm without getting puffed out and needing to be rushed to hospital!  Imagine being fitter now than 20 years ago? I never saw that coming.
- although I have weighed about 7kg lighter briefly in my early 20ies, I have the healthiest body I have ever had.  I don't abuse it with sugar and fat anymore and I have so much energy.  Eating fruit and veg actually is good for me... who would have thought??
- I'm physically the smallest size I have been since a teenager and that gives me so much confidence.
- I have the strongest mind I have ever had.  I used to hate the saying "you can do anything you put your mind to" as it made no sense to me.  Did it mean that if I thought about being Prime Minister it would just happen?? Did it mean if I thought about running in a 10km fun run it would just happen??  No, it means the body will do every tiny or huge thing that the mind tells it, so tell it good things.  I tell mine to not think & just do, to get up and train hard while the world is still asleep, to stay away from chocolate, to never eat fried food, to plan each day in advance, to not let anyone cloud my focus, to think of myself first, to not care about people's perceptions of me (and many other things) that all piece together to get me to my goal... and it's working a treat.

I'm 34 and the best version of me ever.  I won't let this feeling change :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I fit into JayJays Jeans!!!

So I went dress shopping for the 12WBT finale party in Brisbane with my sister.  We tried on some gorgeous little frocks and will go back in a fortnight to make our final decisions and purchases.

While shopping she said "Splash, you know what you really need?  A new pair of jeans 'cause they look terrible".  My jeans just get loose so quickly (even though Mum has taken them in 4 times).  I'm still losing weight so I wanted a cheap pair to get me through the next month.  So off to Jeans West we went.

Size 18 was clearly too big - Hooray!
Size 16 fit but I wasn’t sure how they looked.  I stepped out of the change room and my sister said they look great.  I said "Oh my god I fit into normal clothes".  I started to cry and retreated back into to the change room while saying "This is overwhelming, I need a minute".
The sales assistant then walked in and asked how things are going.  I was too busy doing a happy cry to talk so luckily my sister said everything was fine.
I still have weight to lose so my sister suggest I try a smaller size.  The attendant brought in a size 15 but I had a marvellous idea spring into my head.
"If I fit into size 15 at JeansWest, maybe I will fit into size 16 at JayJays (a teen clothes shop that I LOVE even though I'm 33 and their clothes don’t fit me ).  So we ditched Jeans West and headed to JayJays, believing there is no way I would fit into their tiny jeans.

Well JayJays jeans fit me and were half the price of Jeans West!  So for the price of one pair of Jeans West jeans, I got all this:

I'm a happy little camper and just don’t want to take my skinny jeans off!!!  I just might sleep in them tonight lol

Cadel Evans - an inspirational athlete

We all know how hard it is to get the right mindset to implement the 12WBT and change your lifestyle forever.  Can you imagine how strong and determined your mind needs to be when you are a world class elite athlete?!  Just thinking about it makes me exhausted!
Congratulation to Cadel Evans for winning the Tour De France 2011, and thank you for creating an awesome moment in Australian sporting history

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My resting heart rate rocks!

My resting heart rate is offically between 55 and 60 bpm.  
I don't know if that is good or bad.  
But what i DO know is that my resting heart rate over the last 20 years has always been in the 70s and 80s.
I'm damn proud of this wonderful new lifestyle i am living.
Thanks Mich for getting my mind to do what my body needs :)
I'm living this lifestyle foreva peeps!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mich's Shout Out to my Sis

In the Week 10 email that Michelle Bridges sent to all her Round 2 2011 participants, she included a shout out to my sister (Ski Chic).  Here's the shout out... how cool!!
A Shout-out to Ski Chic and the Teenager!
Well, what can I say! They say it how it is! Don't you love teenagers? (Well I love this one) Well done Ski Chic! Keep on smiling you certainly deserve to. Check out what the teenager said! 

This is what my sister posted on the Forums.

My Moment of Success
I have not reached my goal weight, in fact I have not lost any weight in the last two weeks!!. But yesterday I had a moment where I really saw how much I have achieved this year. 
Being school holidays we had my friend and her children, 18, 15 and 13yrs come over for a catch up.  Her 18 yr old son walked in and respectfully said hello and gave me a kiss.  Then he must have actually looked at me and his surprised face just stared and he said ”Wow, you’re as skinny as!”  Well that made my day, week , month and year!!!.  We all had a good laugh and I still cannot get the smile off my face! 
Since starting round 1 this year I have lost 19 kg and am now a size 14-16, which is what I was when I was a teenager.  My BMI is 29 and I am still 10 kg overweight,  I am 49 years old and an 18 year old thinks I am ” as skinny as”.  Like I said I am still smiling!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Training is gonna hurt on Monday!

  • It's day 5 of my solo pyjama party at home as I have the flu.  I'm finally starting to feel better today, which is GREAT!
  • My last training session was a tiny 30 mins on Saturday, but my body didn't feel right so I stopped.  Turns out I was getting sick.
  • I have slept in every day for 5 days, whereas I'm usually out of bed at 5.30am and I'm at the gym by 6.15am.  I'm secretly enjoying the sleep ins though.  I have decided not to train until Monday as I want to be totally healthy before getting back into it. 
  • I bought a pair of Adidas leggings and matching hoodie last month as a reward to workout in when I reach 80kg.  Yesterday I weighed in at 79.5kg.  I'm sooooooooooo hanging out to wear my new gear!!  Just gotta ditch this flu.
  • One thing I know for sure is... my body is gonna HURT from training on Monday!  Will be totally worth it though :)  Can't Wait!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 9 Weigh In

This week lost 1.5kg (1.85%)
This Round weight loss 13.3kg (14.33%)
22 week weight loss 30.1kg (27.46%)

I have only trained twice this week as I have the flu. It was really important to be strict with food while being sick in bed for 4 days.

Couple of highlights at this weigh in:
- I have lost 30kg this year so far. Only 10kg to go then I will reassess where I am at.
- I haven't weighed in the 70ies for about 15 years! Such a cool feeling!!

All is good :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rebel Wilson Jenny Craig TV Ad

I absolutely hate this ad!  

"I'm going to start my diet on Monday"... When will people stop calling it a diet?!?!?  It's a change in lifestyle and it is FOREVER.

I am finally at the stage where the people around me don't say "How's the diet going?" because I knocked that language on the head at the start of the year.  I keep telling everyone that this lifestyle I am leading is forever and I'm not on a diet.  So now the questions are "Is your fitness improving?", "How's your health?", "You look great, you must still be training really hard".

We are so lucky to have Mich and her 12WBT Team teaching us new lifestyle habits for life.  We just need everyone else to stop living in the 80's diet era and start actually living :)

My Favorite Recipes

Mongolian Lamb - My family LOVES this!!  I add about 3 sliced carrots to this recipes.  I make about 6 serves on the weekend and freeze them.

Beef Stroganoff

Filo Mushroom Pies

No Fat Brownies - I added a cup of frozen raspberries to this.  Only made it once as they are too tempting to eat the whole batch!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sneak Peak at my Food & Exercise Diary

Sample A
6.15am - 1.5hr high intensity gym cardio session (700cal)

8.45am - Sandwich with lettuce, mushroom & lite tzaziki (200cal)

10.45am - muesli bar and coffee (130cal)

12.30pm - home made Mongolian Lamb (250cal)

2.30pm - ForMe Yoghurt (70cal)

4pm - coffee (40cal)

6.30pm - fish and veggies with a cheese sauce (330cal)

8pm - hot chocolate (45cal)

Cals In 1065
Cals Out 700
Cals Net 365

Sample B
6am - Pump class (280cal) & 30min medium intensity gym cardio session (250cal)

8.30am - special K cereal with ForMe Yoghurt & Apple (260cal)

10.15am - museli bar and coffee (130cal)

12pm - weight Watchers Frozen Meal (300cal)

2.30pm - 3 rice cakes with lite hommus dip (100cal)

4.30pm - museli bar & Coffee (130cal)

7pm - home made Prawn & Vegie Curry (270cal)

7.30pm - Tea (20cal)

Cals In 1110
Cals Out 530
Cals Net 580

Sample C

9am - Pump Class (280) & 45min high intensity gym cardio session (380cal)

11.45am - Cafe breakfast with friends including 2 toasts, 2 poached eggs, mushrooms, spinach & tea (450cal)

2.30pm - tuna on cruskits (160cal)

4.30pm - ForMe yoghurt (70cal)

7pm - dinner with friends including grilled chicken salad no dressing (I'll eat about 400cal worth of it)

8.30pm - Skinny Latte (100cal)

Cals In 1180
Cals Out 660
Cals Net 520

Yes, I eat all day! But I count my calories very closely and don't exceed 1200.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paying It Forward

I've been hearing it for five months now from soooooo many people:
- "You're so inspirational"
- "You are so motivating"
- "You have motivated me to get fit and healthy"
- "You have motivated me to lose weight"
- "I want to be just like you"
- "I want to join a gym now too"
The sad things is... they have just been words with no action... UNTIL NOW!

I think I have officailly just Paid It Forward! And you know what...?  IT FEELS EVEN BETTER THAN I EVER EXPECTED IT TOO!!!

I have always know that I can't change the way a person thinks, they need to do that themselves.  But if they show an interest in something, their mind is at least open to other options.  Someone I know has shown an interest in my journey lately.  I share my blog with them and answer their questions about my transformation.  I have been completely honest and not sugar coated anything, as that wouldn't be fair to them.

Anyway, they have realised that you dont go on a diet to lose weight.  Instead, you need to change your lifestyle forever.  They made this awesome decision themselves last week and are putting it into practice already - how cool is that?!?!?  I am oh so proud of them!  It's not going to be easy but they know they have my support 100%.

Although I appreciate it, hearing how "motivating and inspirational" I am doesn't mean much when no-one actually does anything to change their lives for the better.  But knowing I have Paid It Forward for one person... now THAT is totally AWESOME and REWARDING!!!  

Looking forward to sharing the ups and downs of the rewarding journey with you :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm sick and it sucks

In summary:
  • I have been told that I look pale for the last few days, however i felt fine
  • Woke up this morning with a sore throat and maybe a mild ear ache but pretended I felt fine
  • Went to the gym hoping to smash 45 mins of high intensity cardio and a Pump class (approx 750cals)
  • Struggled through 30 mins of low intensity cardio (200cals) and had to stop as I was a little light headed
  • Parents then told me I look pale
  • My body hurts, but not from exercise
  • Basically I'm sick, shouldn't train and I'm not happy
Update 17/7/11 - Went to doc.  Antibiotics can't help me so just gotta suck it up and wait til I feel better.  This sucks, but life happens so i just gotta deal with it. 

Update 19/7/11 - Now on antibiotics... hope to improve in the next few days.

    Thursday, July 14, 2011

    Week 8 Measurements

    I haven't posted my measurements for this round yet, so here goes!

    Over the last 8 weeks, since the start of 12WBT Round 2 2011, I have lost:
    • 8cm from my chest
    • 9cm from my waist
    • 11cm from my butt
    • 9cm from right thigh
    • 8cm from left thigh

    A total of 45cm in total.  No wonder my clothes are too big! lol

    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Week 8 Weigh In

    This week lost 1.7kg (2.05%)
    This Round weight loss 11.8kg (12.71%)
    21 week weight loss 28.6kg (26.09%)

    I've lost over 25% of my original starting weight!!! Wooooohoooooo!!!!!!   I'm pretty happy with these results. 

    Sunday was a double red flag day where we had a special family lunch and then went to The Conservatory at Crown for an extravagant buffet dinner.  Not ideal but I managed it (& yes I ate creamy, sugary, chocolately desserts for the first time in five months considering The Conservatory buffet was costing Dad $75 per head - bad reason to eat dessert but I was happy with my choice). I did feel sick in the stomach afterwards so I will not be doing that again!

    I exercised every day for the last week like an absolute maniac because of Sunday's red flags and I'm so glad I did!

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Have I clicked that this is forever...?

    Yep I have definitely clicked.   

    As you may know, at the start of the year i decided to change my lifestyle.  I ate less and healthy food and I started exercising.  I joined a Weight Watchers 14 week program (for weigh in accountability while following Crunch Time principles) and at the end of that i joined the 12WBT Round 2 2011.  Both programs have helped my new lifestyle but they are just one small part.  I will also be doing 12WBT Round 3.

    I told myself from Day 1 that this change is FOREVER and I tell my Support Crew and everyone that comments on my weigh loss the same thing... FOREVER!!!  No more bad habits!  And you know what....?  I'm honestly excited and love the decision I have made :)   

    It's my lifestyle now and it's totally awesome!

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    My Top 5

    This one's for one of my crew that probably doesn't even realise they are in my Support Crew.  They have shown an interest in my journey that is really special to me.  Hope I can repay the favour soon because you deserve it...

    These are the best thing I have done to help me on my journey.

    1. I got my mind in the right place. No more little voices of excuses live in my head. You know the ones - I'm too tired to exercise, I can't be bothered, I'll just eat one more, one piece of cake is alright... they go on and on! My head was full of them!!! lol.

    2. Change how you think about food. I'm at the point now where I am not tempted by food. If I'm bored, I will go to the gym or go and visit my sister, instead of cooking up a storm. Food is fuel, that's it. It's not a reward and it doesnt make me feel better if I eat junk food. It's just a source of energy. It's really hard to think this way, but i just do it.

    3. I plan all my training as my number 1 priority for the day. My training is in my calendar and nothing stops me from doing it. I train in the morning before work for about 60-100mins when life hasn't started so I can't be interupted. I train if it's cold, if I'm tired, if i can't be bothered, if my body is sore... I took on Michelle Bridge's saying of Just Fricken Do It (JFDI). It's really hard but i dont think, I JFDI.

    4. I write down everything I eat and the calories... and I mean EVERYTHING!!! I have been keeping a food diary in my iPhone for the last 20 weeks and i havent missed recording a meal or a day. It's time consuming but essential. I had no idea how much i was eating til i started recording it.

    5. Support Crew is essential. My sister is awesome. We are on this journey together. She is so encouraging and puts a realistic spin on things when I drive myself crazy lol. Gotta have that one person you can be totally honest with to keep you accountable.

    Week 7 Weigh In

    This week lost 1.8kg (2.12%)
    This Round weight loss 10.1kg (10.88%)
    20 week weight loss 26.9kg (24.54%)
    All is good :)

    Monday, July 4, 2011


    My type of Planning - now some may call it Obsessive Compulsive Disorder… but I call it Essential.  I'm a well-planned and well-organised person, always have been and always will be.  I'm single and have my own apartment so the only person I have to organise is me :)

    This is my usual routine, every weeknight and day:
    1. 30 minutes before going to bed I make my breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks for work the next day and put them in the fridge
    2. I enter each meal into MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone for the next day so I know how many calories they add up to
    1. I pack my gym bag and set out my workout gear for the next morning
    1. Bed time is around 9pm on weeknights, unless I have a social thing on
    1. Wake up 5.30am, get dressed for the gym, grab my gym bag and food and off to the gym I go
    1. I workout for between 50mins  to 1hr & 50mins before work and burn 500-900 calories
    2. I get ready for work at the  gym
    3. I basically eat something every 2-3 hours at work.  I will also have one or two hot drinks at work and some  cold water.   If I didn’t plan from home, I would be thinking of food all day!  I will go out for lunch probably once every three weeks.  I prefer to bring my own lunch so I know there are no hidden calories.
    4. I head home and have dinner around 6.30pm.  Then I enter the dinner cals into my iPhone app
    5. The night is free for me to do whatever, then I start back at number 1

    • I usually food shop on the weekend and cook up some lunches and dinners to freeze for the week (230-300cal per serve).
    • I usually make a sandwich for breakfast as it fills me up after a big workout. My favourite filling is mushrooms, tzaziki and lettuce (approx 220cal).
    • My favourite snacks are Forme yoghurt (70cal), Special K breakfast bars (90cal) and frozen stewed apples (150cal for 2 apples).  The frozen stewed apples are great heated up in the microwave.

    We have heaps of morning teas at work.  I used to join in and eat the food that was no good for me.  Now I still attend the morning teas and either just have a warm drink or I take my own snack.   I often wonder if the others feel uncomfortable with me there but not eating their food?  If they comment on how they shouldn’t be eating the chocolate or whatever, I reply with "If it makes you feel good, then eat it :) ". 

    This is how I plan to ensure I stick to the program.  What works for you?

    Sunday, July 3, 2011

    When the scales aren't kind

    Weight is one way to measure if you are achieving your goals.  However sometimes you work your butt off, follow Michelle's nutrition plan exactly but the scales aren't kind and you think "WTF?"

    I would also choose some other ways of measuring, such as:
    - Body Measurements (eg: Michelle’s body measurements every 4 weeks)
    - Clothing Size (eg: aim to fit into a certain size by a certain date)
    - Cardio Fitness (eg: aim to increase the distance/speed you could run at week one by a certain percentage)
    - Strength (eg: aim to increase the weights you can bench press or squat by 20%, or to increase you Pump class weights by a particular date)
    - Overall fitness (eg: Michelle’s fitness tests every 4 weeks)

    I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves when we stand on the scales.  There are other ways of measuring success that are more accurate and specific, and don't make you feel deflated. 

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    My Crew Just Grew!

    OMG I can't believe what i heard today.

    After my morning Pump class I spoke to the Pump Instructor (that I thought didn't know me as I have only attend 3 classes).  I asked her a question and she replied with "I follow your blog, I thought I recognised you :)"  I freaked out!  I had just met a person that i don't know, that is following my blog and is now my Pump Instructor!  I was sooooooo embarrassed and rather overwhelmed.  She had lovely words of praise and encouragement, that I really appreciate.  She's an awesome instructor by the way :)  She's now officially in my Crew.

    Anyway, this got me thinking that my Crew doesn't consist of 15 people... my Crew is HUGE!  There are so many indirect Crew members supporting me including:
    • Sat Morning Pump Instructor
    • Tues Morning Pump instructor
    • Gym Instructors
    • Other work colleagues that randomly compliment me and ask how my healthy lifestyle is going
    • Old friends that I bump into that haven't seen me for years and notice my changes.
    • All the 12WBT team members that follow my blog and read my forum posts
    • Michelle Bridges (of course!!!)
    So yeah, a little light bulb went off this morning that absolutely proves this is definitely not a one woman journey.


    Who's Your Crew??

    Changing my lifestyle is definitely not a one person job.

    Here's a  shout out to my support crew

    • 12WBT Round 1 & 2 2011 participant
    • I text her how many calories I burn every morning after training
    • She invites me over for dinner about twice per week and cooks a 'Michelle' recipe
    • Listens to my crap and puts things into perspective for me
    • We call eachother 'Skinny' now

    My Mum
    • quietly proud of my achievements ('the look' she gives me is a proud one now)
    • Cooks healthy options for family dinner for me

    • tells me I look cute and that I have done a great job and don't need to lose more weight.

    Other sister
    • Cooks healthy options for family dinner for me

    4 Nephews
    • they tell me I look good
    • one does the 12WBT fitness tests with me

    1 work colleague 
    • is my Thursday morning training buddy to ensure we both make it to the gym
    • listens to my crap, joins in, exchanges advice and makes me feel good

    2 cousins doing the 12WBT too
    • share experiences and keep each other on track

    a handful of other family and friends
    • they ask how the program is going, tell me I look fantastic and make me feel really good

    So it's taken a crew of about 15 people to help me lose 25kg (& I still have 15kg to go).  In my opinion, if you think you can do this on your own you are kidding yourself.